The reading below helps
you practice the present
perfect and see the verb
tense in action.  

How many times do you
see the present perfect
in the passage?
Bob and Darren work together.  They are talking about
interviews for a new sales manager position at their company.  
This reading has many example sof the present perfect verb

We need to make a decision on who we are going to hire for
the new salesperson position.

I know.  There are a lot of good applicants.  So far we have
interviewed 10 people and have looked at over 50 resumes.

Well, let’s take a look at some of the best and make a decision.

Ok, the first person is Phil.  He has worked as a salesperson for
10 years in both The United States and Canada.  Also, he has
been the manager of the sales department of a large auto-
parts company.

Sounds interesting, but has he ever worked in the food sales

No he hasn’t.

That might be a problem; we need someone with food

OK, what about Karen?  She has worked in the food industry
for 6 years.  She has been a manager of a major supermarket
and worked in marketing for a large meat company.

OK.  Has she worked in international sales before?

No, she has never worked in international sales.  

Well, that could be a problem.  This job will require a lot of
international experience.  I think we need someone who has
worked in an international environment

Well what about Larry?  We haven’t met him yet but his
resume looks good.  He has been a salesperson in the food
industry for 13 years.  He has lived in The United States,
Canada and Mexico.  In the past 4 years he has learned how to
speak Spanish and French.  

Wow, sounds great!

The problem is we still haven’t had an interview with him.  

Well, let’s get him in here and see what he has to say!
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Present Perfect Reading

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