The reading below has
many comparative

Read the article and
look for the comparative
Yesterday my brother and I went to see a football game.  We
watched our two favourite teams, the Eagles and the Hawks.  It
was the second week of the season and the day was much
colder than the week before.  We were excited because I love
the Hawks and he loves the Eagles.  

The seats were good, but I wanted something closer to the
field.  However, we sat and enjoyed the game.  Well, we
enjoyed it until we started arguing.  The problem with my
brother and I is that we both think our team is better than the
other team.  He always says to me that the Eagles are faster,
stronger, and smarter than the Hawks.  I never agree.  On this
day, he was wrong.  The Hawks played a lot better than the
Eagles.  They looked stronger and tougher than the Eagles.  

One thing I didn’t like was that the food and drinks were much
more expensive than other places, and tasted much worse.  I
was surprised that a hotdog and a drink cost $7.  Also, the
hotdog was smaller than normal hotdogs.  So I was a little sad
about my meal, and hoped to get something tastier after the
game.  But I was happy because the Hawks beat the Eagles by
15 points.

Driving home I talked about how much better my team was
than the Eagles.  My brother was getting angry and I noticed he
was driving a lot faster than usual.  We were lucky he didn’t
crash.  Finally he saw a police car so he started to drive
slower.  So we made it home safe and overall it was a great
day.  Although we fight, it is a lot more fun going to games with
my brother than anyone else.
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